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North Babylon High School Students

Help to Preserve The Long Island Sound

Students from Mr. Jaeger’s Mariculture Club are currently working hard to restore the local estuaries of Mr. Sinai and Stony Brook Harbors. Students will be entering the waters and scattering 200,000 immature hard shell clams during over the next few days.

Over the past year, students have been studying our coastal waters. They learned that the Hard Shell Clam plays a vital role in in keeping our ecosystem healthy. Hard Shell Clams naturally filter water, making it clean over time. They also consume large algae blooms, which are detrimental for sea life to thrive. The clams will later serve as resource for families and commercial fisherman.

The Hard Shell Clam Mariculture Project is run in cooperation with Western Suffolk BOCES, New York New York Institute and Technology, the Division of Environmental Protection in the Brookhaven Department of Planning and Environment, and Smithtown’s Department of Environment and Waterways.

The Congress of Future Medical Leaders


Elizabeth S. from NBHS

The Congress of Future Medical Leaders  Nominates  Elizabeth S. from NBHS

Congratulation to Elizabeth S. who will be Representing NBHS at The Congress of Future Medical Leaders this November in Washington D.C. The Congress of Future Medical Leaders is an academic honors program that requires students to have a minimum of 3.5 GPA. At the this years Congress, Elizabeth will be meeting Noble Prize Winners, Leaders in Medical Science, view a live surgery, and will have an opportunity to win a college scholarship.

Fifth Grade Visits the High School

Fifth Grade Visits the High School

Our district’s Fifth Grade class had the opportunity to “Explore a High School Science” when they came for a recent visit to Mrs. Kuruc’s AP Biology Class. The youngsters, with guidance from Mrs. Kuruc’s seniors and juniors, worked on four different experiments. At the first station, the 5th graders got the chance to look at their own cheek cells while learning how to use a microscope. The 2nd station required the students create an organism based on different adaptations they chose. The 3rd station was all about making the most explosive volcanoes while learning about chemical reactions. At the final station, students worked with monomers and polymers to create the most stretchy and bounciest silly putty possible! According to Ms. Middleton and Mrs. Kuruc, “ Great Day was had by all students."

Kevin White

North Babylon senior, Kevin White, was a grand award winner of the 2014 LISEF ceremony on March 13, 2014. He took home second place in Chemistry. The title of his experiment was " Using Greenhouse gases to boost the hydrogen economy: Bimetallic catalysts for dry-reforming of CH4.

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected as District Gold Winners. They will be advancing to the Regional KIC conference hosted by Brookhaven National Laboratory on May 3, 2014

Elementary Science Fair District Winners

1st Grade:

John R: Do Boys have Different Favorite Colors than Girls?

2nd Grade:

Reese RCan Our Eyes Fool Our Taste Buds?

3rd Grade:

Viti CHow Do Rocks Change By Water?

Katia BCan A Cat Be A South Paw?

4th Grade

Brenda BBioremediation of Pollution

Amanda UHow Quick Do You React?

5th Grade

Victor THave No Fear, Sunlight is Here.

Vanessa R: Is There Bacteria Living In My Yogurt?

4th Grade;

Kids Inquiry

Following their first-place wins at their individual school-level science fairs, two North Babylon students were awarded honorable mention at the Brookhaven Lab Kids Inquiry Competition for Elementary Science, where they competed against more than 500 other science projects. The North Babylon School District congratulates William E. DeLuca Elementary School first-grader Reese Rowland and Belmont Elementary School third-grader Brendan Bulger. Reese's project, “Will Noise Change How Many Numbers Can Be Remembered?” and Brendan's project, “Pollution and Plant Growth,” were among the top in their respective categories.

Scholarship Winner

The North Babylon School District congratulates high school student Kevin White for being the top-place finisher in the 2013 Babylon-Covantage Ecotech Scholarship Program. The Town of Babylon website, in partnership with Covanta Energy Inc., awards these scholarships annually to students who create the top-ranking school science projects with eco-tech themes. The projects are designed to help introduce new and creative ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

“Kevin’s accomplishment of being the top winner in Covanta Energy is beautiful and we are all very proud of him,” said North Babylon Math and Science Director Mariana Ristea. “We are also very thankful to his wonderful mentor Annette Kuruc for all her support.”

Scholarship Winner