North Babylon School District Addressing Vaping

The health and safety of our students is a top priority, so we feel it is necessary to inform you of a major concern in schools across the country. The presence and use of e-cigarettes/vaping devices has drastically increased among teens and adolescents. We take this issue seriously and are concerned with the effects these devices have on our students. Our hope is to provide you with some valuable information regarding vaping. We are aware there are varying levels of understanding, so we will attempt to answer some of the basics.

We work closely with our local Department of Health and police department, which enforces state laws and local ordinances as they pertain to these devices. It is also against school policy to possess and/or use e-cigarettes and vaping devices. This can be found in our Code of Conduct on Page 13 Number 11 linked HERE.

School Response to Vaping in School

  • North Babylon High School uses the Smart Pass system to track student traveling in the hallways and their location to cut down on hallway wandering and unsupervised students

  • If caught vaping in school or on school property students will receive an out of school suspension by the building principal of up to 5 days

  • Additionally, students vaping with THC/marijuana are recommended to a 3214 Superintendent's Hearing for possible further consequences

  • Students caught vaping participate on an on-line course called VapeOut

  • See below North Babylon's work on reducing vaping in our schools highlighted on CBS News for our tremendous work

North Babylon on CBS News for Participating in Suffolk County's Vape Out Program