Curriculum Guide - Fourth Grade

Language Arts
-build age-appropriate vocabulary
continue to develop comprehension skills
use of authentic literature
-use grade appropriate correct spelling in all written material
-using the writing process
-continue to develop creative and expository writing skills
-develop good grammar skills
Listening and Speaking
-organize thoughts and ideas for verbal expression
-listen for meaning from context
-follow oral directions

Space and Technology
Life Science - Classifying plants and animals
energy from plans ecosystems * human body
Earth Science - Water cycle & weather
hurricanes & tornadoes minerals & rocks changes to earth's surface natural resources
Physical science - properties of matter
heat electricity & magnetism sound & light objects in motion * simple machines

Rhythm - performance 2-measure patterns and creating rhythmical phrases
Melody -ledger line notes, C-major scale, melodic skips, steps, repetition, song repetition
Form -ABA vs. AABA, introduction, body, interlude, coda, two-part octave, musical symbols
Harmony - two-chord accompaniment, rhythmic score, multiple parts, two-part ensemble
Listening - recognizing instrument families and reinforcement of previous techniques

Physical Education
Motor patterns
-basic locomotor, non-locomotor, and selected manipulative skills performed
Concepts of body, space, effort and relationship
Simple skills and skill combinations needed for dynamic game-like situations

Integrate knowledge of basic body systems with the understanding of changes that accompany puberty
Healthy foods and recognizing factors that affect food choices
Understand adverse effects of alcohol, tobacco, and drug misuse and how to resist using them
Apply safety knowledge and recognize environmental hazards
Know major chronic and communicable diseases

Social Studies
Reinforce understanding of family, school and community
Understanding political institutions and the historic development beginning at local communities and comparing to both State and national levels
Local Government History-Native Americans-Early Settlers
Function of local governing body and its leaders
Rights and responsibilities of citizenship
Multi-cultural awareness

Place value to millions
Addition and subtraction – 3 or more digit numbers
Multiplication and Division
-multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers
-dividing 1 and 2 digit numbers up to 3 digit quotients
-ordering-simplest form
-equivalence – addition and subtraction – mixed numbers
-to hundredths place
-comparing and ordering
-addition and subtraction
Collecting, organizing and using data -graphs, diagrams
Problem solving
Measurement and Time
-metric measurement

Character Development – Second Step