Curriculum Guide - First Grade

Language Arts


-compare likenesses and differences within pictures and text
-recognize sounds of consonants, long and short vowels
-retell the sequence of a story
-complete sentences choosing appropriate words
-distinguish between fantasy / reality in literature
-determine cause / effect by using pictures and text
-use inference through pictures and text to answer questions
-recognize rhyming words
-recognize the sounds of digraphs and consonant clusters
-draw conclusions
-identify and understand main idea
-understand multiple meanings
-recognize the vowel sound for "y"
-identify synonyms, antonyms and compound words
-alphabetize words by the first letter
-use "er" and "est" with adjectives
-follow multiple directions taken from text
-identify pronouns as word referents
-use context clues within text to glean meaning
-predict outcomes from pictures and text
-recognize vocabulary
-recognize contractions
-demonstrate comprehension: answer questions about stories,
and retell stories


-use grade appropriate, correct spelling in all written work
-dictate a story, copy words and sentences correctly
-employ the correct and legible formation of letters
-use inventive spelling in creative writing
-write complete sentences and spell basic words
-identify simple punctuation
-label drawings; make lists, record pictures and text in journals
-write original sentences using inventive spelling
-create original stories through the use of illustrations


-listen and follow complex directions
-listen and respond within the appropriate context
-understand oral messages from others
-use prior knowledge to interpret meaning
-listen for enjoyment to a variety of stories, poems and factual


-use language appropriate to purpose and audience
-exchange accurate oral messages; express ideas with clarity
-use prior knowledge to develop ideas
-ask questions to clarify meaning
-tell a story in sequence


-whole numbers through 20
-addition and subtraction facts through 20 and fact families
-addition and subtraction of one and two digit numbers
-place value to 100
-time to the hour and half hour
-money: pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters
-simple geometry
-fractions: 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4

-Animal parts and the study of ants
-From Seed to Plant (Science kit)
-Properties (Science kit)
-The Solar System Earth, Moon & Sun
-time seasons, months, days……
-rocks, sand and soil

Social Studies

-the individual's role as a member of family and community
-personal identity and social interaction skills
-exploration of self, family and school
-citizenship skills
-multicultural awareness
-geography skills


-identify the personal, social, physical elements of the environment
that contribute to one's safety and well being
-accept responsibility for maintaining and improving the environment
-to identify potential dangers in everyday situations

Character Development – Second Step