2019 - 2020

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) aim to establish a good home school relationship so that the teachers and parent/guardians can work together effectively for the complete development of the child. PTA/PTSA affords you the opportunity to become familiar with the educational philosophy of our district, as well as its curriculum, personnel and problems.


President - Christine Centrone

Vice President - Angela Piteris
Treasurer - Pam Miller
Secretary - Charisse Bourke
Past President - Bridgit Trentalange

High School

President - Roseann Santapaola
Vice President - Natalie Edwards
Council Delegate - Helene Turner


President- Jennifer Garcia
Vice President- Lisa Lastorino
Council Delegate - N/A

Parliament Place

President- Kat Tedesco
Vice President- Ashley Bradbury
Council Delegate - Charisse Bourke

Woods Road

President- Nicole Russo
Vice President- Kariann Guido
Council Delegate - Leticia Nazaire

Robert Moses Middle School

President- Angela Piteris
Vice President- John Beck
Council Delegate - Melissa Beck

Marion G. Vedder

President- Alissa Papaleo
Vice President- Desiree Hunte
Council Delegate - Stephanie Steiner

William E. DeLuca Jr.

President- John Duffy
Vice President- Jeanne Lamberta
Council Delegate - Rose Busse