ENL Identification

How does the school district determine if my child is an ELL?

(Below is a summary of the screening process outlined by NYS. The link below provides access to the complete screening, identification, and exit process.)

Step 1.- Home Language Questionnaire

At registration, all parents are required to complete a Home Language Questionnaire to let us know what language is spoken in the home. If a language other than English is listed on the questionnaire, our staff begins the screening process.

Step 2.- Individual Interview

An Individual Interview is conducted in English and in the student’s home language by qualified personnel with students and parents/guardians. This includes reviewing documents, prior assessments, and academic experience. An assessment of the student’s abilities and/or work samples determines the student’s literacy and math level in his/her home language. Based on the parent or guardian’s indicated preferred language, the interview may be conducted with a district provided interpreter. For students with IEPs, there will be an LPT (Language Proficiency Team meeting scheduled.)

*If based off the interview it is determined that the student’s primary language is ENglish, the process stops here.

Step 3.- Initial ELL Identification Assessment NYSITELL

If the interview indicates that the child’s primary language is not English, he/she may be given the New York State Identification Test for English Language Learners (NYSITELL) to measure the child’s language level in English. *If it appears that a child has interrupted formal education, the SIFE questionnaire and diagnostic tool may be administered.

Step 4.- Placement

If the test shows that the child needs support learning English, he or she is identified as an English Language Learner. Then the parents/guardians are notified of the recommended placement through the “Entitlement LEtter” and “ELL Placement Form.” Parents have 10 days to return the placement form. Parents are also invited to attend the ELL Parent Orientation workshop offered year round.