North Babylon Union Free School District is located in North Babylon, NY on the beautiful south shore of Long Island. Approximately 4,800 students in the community attend the North Babylon Union Free School District, home of the Bulldogs. Our district constitutes 7 beautiful school buildings spread through the Town of Babylon area. We have 5 elementary schools, 1 middle school and 1 high school. We are known for our community spirit, kindness to our neighbors, and ensuring our community members know they can count on each other for support in a time of need. We are #NorthBabylonStrong

The lush countryside of North Babylon became known for an abundance of large estates owned by wealthy New Yorkers, including Long Island Railroad President Austin Corbin, August Belmont, Col. M. Robert Guggenheim, Hall of Fame baseball player John Montgomery Ward, and Royal Phelps. Our residents enjoy local areas such a Phelps Lane Park, Belmont State Park, and the North Babylon Youth Center as places to connect with their neighbors and feel a part of this outstanding community.