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Robert Moses Middle School

250 Phelps Lane, North Babylon, NY 11703   

Assistant Principal
Assistant Principal

Mrs. Elizabeth Walsh-Bulger
Mrs. Margaret Brierly
Ms. Stephanie Hasandras
Main Office
Guidance Office Fax #
(631) 620-7302
(631) 620-7360
(631) 620-7340
(631) 321-3315
Mrs. Peggy Nugent, RN
(631) 620-7370 
Dean's Office  (631) 620-7321 
(631) 620-7070 
District Food Services  (631) 620-7032
Athletics  (631) 620-7052 
RMMS Hours
      Students enter building - 8:00am
       Regular Dismissal - 2:35pm

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Recycling Club 

The Robert Moses Middle School Environmental-Recycling club recently teamed up with the Citizen’s Campaign to conduct a survey pertaining to the use of single use bags.  Beginning January 2018 there will be a 5 cent fee for every non-reusable paper or plastic shopping bag provided by a store.  Shoppers can avoid the fee by bringing their own reusable bags.  This is a tremendous positive step forward for the environment, and the wildlife within, because plastic bags are not biodegrade.  In addition they are harmful to birds and sea life who mistakenly eat them for food.  Data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency shows that more than 500 billion plastic bags are consumed worldwide every year, and that Americans use more than 10 billion paper bags each year.  Also an estimated 14 million trees are cut down each year to make paper bags. Although this may be an adjustment to people who have become reliant on single use plastic bags, it is important to understand the long term effects and goals of the bill.  For more information please go to



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New Late Bus Information as of November 28th 

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