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North Babylon High School


Students at North Babylon High School also have the opportunity to participate in a partnership with Syracuse University when they enroll in the SUPA Forensics Science elective.

Course Description
This course is intended to provide students with a college-level introduction to the science behind crime detection. Scientific methods specifically related to crime detection and analysis will be presented with emphasis placed upon the techniques used in evaluating physical evidence. Topics included are blood analysis, organic and inorganic evidence analysis, microscopic investigation, hair analysis, DNA, drug chemistry and toxicology, fiber comparisons, paints, glass composition and fragmentation, fingerprints, soil comparisons, and arson.
SUPA Forensics Science is a full year course that allows North Babylon High School students to earn both high school and college credit. Students enrolled in SUPA Forensics Science course can earn 4 credits from Syracuse University for just a fraction of the cost of a regular credit if this course was taken on the SU campus. Currently, North Babylon students participating in this program pay $110 per credit hour and receive an official SU transcript for CHE 113 Forensics Science. These credits can be transferred to approximately 90% of colleges and universities nationwide. 

Course Pre-Requisites 

To enroll in the SUPA Forensics Science course, students must have successfully completed the Living Environment and Chemistry courses and Regents exams. An average of 85 or above is suggested in both science pre-requisites. Students interested in enrolling in the SUPA Forensics Science course should discuss this with their guidance counselor.

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