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North Babylon High School






9th Grade Orientation 


Freshman Orientation 

New and Updated!

NBHS Fall 2018 Sports Teams Locations



Home of the Bulldogs 


1 Phelps Lane, North Babylon, NY 11703

High School Administration

Jonathan Klomp Ed.D., Principal 

Colleen Ligonde, Assistant Principal

Jeff Raymond, Assistant Principal




Distribution Dates of

Progress Reports and Report Cards


Progress Report

1st Quarter: 10.12.18
2nd Quarter: 12.20.18
3rd Quarter: 3.11.19
4th Quarter: 5.23.19


Report Card

1st Quarter: 11.20.18
2nd Quarter: 2.4.19
3rd Quarter: 4.18.19
4th Quarter: 6.26.19



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