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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the District's Technology

1.  How many computers are there in the schools?  What are their locations?  Is there a computer lab in each school?

The district currently has over 2000 computers. There is 1 computer lab in each of the 5 elementary schools, 4 computer labs at Robert Moses Middle School and 7 computer labs at the High School. In addition there are computers in all of the libraries (22 in the high school and 8 in the middle school).  All computer labs and basically ALL computers in the district are networked and Internet accessible.

2.  What kind of tech personnel do you have?  

The technology staff consists of Nicole Losito, Network & Systems Technician and Department Secretary Peggy Scharf. We are ably assisted by a full time Project Manager and two full time technicians from Network Outsource. We are responsible for all District computers, the fileservers, the ten networks and all associated routers and switches.  We are also responsible for setting up and maintaining all computer systems (Business Office, Special Education, student maintenance and security systems and Transportation). The District also has a district-wide Technology Committee that meets regularly.

3.  How do you report problems with the computers?
Each building has a computer mentor who is the first person to look at a problem machine.  If they cannot resolve the problem they submit an electronic "help ticket" that is checked on a daily basis.  We can respond to this help ticket.  This way all service calls are date stamped and recorded.

4.  What instructional programs does the school own?
At the elementary schools we subscribe to, and offer several software selections such as Student Writing Center, Microsoft Office XP, Type to Learn, Kidspiration, and many more.  At the secondary schools we subscribe to WorldBook online, Study Island, Rosetta Stone, Microsoft Office XP, Mavis Beacon, Microsoft Visio, AutoCad, and several others. At the high school we also subscribe to various databases and other resources.  

5.  Tell me about the infrastructure.  How many servers do we have?  Do we have a WAN or LAN?
The district currently has 10 LANs (local area networks) in the buildings and one WAN (wide are network) connecting all buildings to one central location. There are 66 file servers and 115 network printers in the district as well as 31 projectors available for instructional and presentation use. Each building also has Smart Boards and Video Conferencing capability.

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