2014 - 2015
The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) aim to establish a good home school relationship so that the teachers and parent/guardians can work together effectively for the complete development of the child.  PTA/PTSA affords you the opportunity to become familiar with the educational philosophy of our district, as well as its curriculum, personnel and problems.

  President - Brigit Trentalange

 Vice President - Matt Lucchetti 
 Tresurer - Bob Scheid
 Secretary - Gerrie Piazzola
Past President - Laurie Seiden 
High School Robert Moses Middle School
President-Dawn Minenna President- Maria Hyde
Vice President - Laura Castain Vice President- Denise Sagona
Treasurer - Lesley Longmcleod
Treasurer - Diana Christopher
Corresponding Secretary - Charisse Bourke 
Corresponding Secretary - Tricia Goldstein 
Recording Secretary - Jan DiGiacomo 
Recording Secretary - Helene Turner
Council Delegate - Theresa DeBlasi 
Council Delegate - Marc Davidson  
Past President - Brigit Trentalange Past President - Denise Sagona 
Belmont Marion G. Vedder
President- Natalie Edwards President- Angela Piteris
Vice President- Virginia Ellis Vice President- Tara Foran
Treasurer - Kelly Walsh Treasurer - Cathy Vinas
Corresponding Secretary - Melyssa McLoughlin  Corresponding Secretary - Andrea Fuentes 
Recording Secretary - Rhina Mata   Recording Secretary - Tara Knappe
Council Delegate - Erika Rosario Council Delegate - Desireee Hunte
Past President - Dianna Bacchi   Past President - Diane LaSorsa
Parliament Place William E. DeLuca Jr.
President- Carmen Torres President- Anna Nieves
Vice President- Christine Rogers Vice President- Stella Shank
Treasurer - Pamela Miller Treasurer - Sandy Licata
              Corresponding Secretary - Angela Flammio               Corresponding Secretary - Kathy Olivo
 Recording Secretary - Allison Miller  Recording Secretary - Maria Stateman
Council Delegate - Deborah LoSardo Council Delegate - Denise Murphy 
 Past President  Past President - Chrissy Centrone
Woods Road  
President- Angela Lucchetti  
Vice President- Lee Chamoff  
Treasurer - Tami Berrios  
 Corresponding Secretary - Candice Estevez  
Recording Secretary - Ericka Ingoglia  
Council Delegate - Andrea Tschetschot   
 Past President - Gerrie Piazzola  
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