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Students Deter Peers from Vaping

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High Schoolers ventured to the RMMS to educate and discourage students from vaping and using e-cigarettes. This is part of the district’s continued efforts to help prevent teens from these bad habits, working through the Suffolk County Department of Health’s “Vape Out! A comprehensive Vaping Prevention Program.” 

The three-pronged program includes parent education, alternatives to suspension and teens teaching teens. An eclectic group of high school peer leaders from grades 9-12 participated in the full day leadership training in February and brought that knowledge to the middle school. They delivered their 30-minute presentations and educated middle schoolers about some of the dangers related to these e-cigarette products. 

Sophomore Cara Quinn said they’re “peer pressuring them but in a positive way. It’s more effective hearing it from us because we could relate to them on more levels than adults can in today’s society.”

Joe Candia, junior, added “since we’re around the same age as them, we’re able to have a huge impact on them rather than an adult. We know some of the stuff that they’re going through so we can connect better with them and be able to tell them that this behavior is unhealthy.”

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