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Students Raise Funds for a Cause

Students Raise Funds for a Cause  thumbnail119765

High School students adorned themselves with colored bracelets to help raise funds for the Pulsera Project. By purchasing the bracelets, or “pulseras” in Spanish, they raised $1,200 for the nonprofit organization, which helps support fair trade employment in Central America.

The artists that craft these colorful pieces for the group also benefit from programs that include scholarships, healthcare, housing, legal services and personal development. In addition, proceeds also fund a wide range of social impact programs in the country, such as education, women and youth empowerment, the social/economic crisis in Nicaragua, social enterprise and more.

Ms. Colleen Cafiso’s Spanish class helped promote and sell the bracelets by creating flyers and selling the bracelets in the school store and at the craft fair. Prior to that, students read and watched short films about Nicaragua and learned about the artists and communities in the country who are supported by the funds raised by the project. They were also educated on fair trade and the significance on impacting people’s lives in developing nations by purchasing from companies that value human dignity and equality.

“Thank you to all who helped support and promote this great cause,” Ms. Cafiso said. “I am overjoyed at the positive response that this received from the school community.”

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