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Students Brought Historical Figures to Life

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Woods Road School fifth-graders took spectators back in time during the school’s third annual presentation of the Living Wax Museum 2019 Hall of Heroes. For the project, students were assigned with an inspirational figure from ancient to modern times who have made historical impacts. Students represented individuals who were activists, creative thinkers, inventors and leaders who inspired the world.

Students were tasked to create an informative poster board and then take on the persona of that individual by dressing as them for the museum. 

During the viewing, students posed in front of their posters and waited for parents and other grade-level students to “press” a button that was placed on their attire. This prompted students to come to life and provide an informative speech about the individual they were representing.

The interactive activity was a great way for students to become deeply informed of significant historical figures that changed the world.

Thursday, Aug 13, 2020 Facebook