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Granted: Math Made More Marvelous

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Parliament Place teachers Staci Manning and Shannon Barclay have implemented a fun and intensive mathematics program into their classes as a result of being awarded a Reflex Math Grant.

The Reflex Math Grant is an adaptive and individualized math fluency system designed to help students make significant progress with their math facts. This will enable them to tackle more advanced concepts sooner and with confidence. It will also improve math fluency, which is the ability to retrieve correct answers to math facts from memory almost instantly. Manning and Barclay, who teach fifth- and fourth-grade, respectively, both applied for the grant by enrolling in a two-hour training webinar, and ensured that the program would be implemented into instruction three to five times per week, in addition to maintaining accurate records and completing grant questionnaires throughout the year.

On the first day of the program’s implementation, each class successfully completed more than 4,000 facts in 20 minutes. Students are able to work on the program on their Chromebooks in class, during math lab, and also at home. Students have positive feedback about the program, which they say has made learning math more exciting and fun, and they feel energized while completing the activities as a result.

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