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Bee-utiful Bee-havior at Parliament

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The Site-Based Team at Parliament Place worked diligently to create a new cafeteria incentive program in place for the 2016-2017 year.

As part of the Bee-utiful Bee-havior program, students are encouraged to demonstrate proper etiquette and thoughtfulness during lunch, and being rewarded with prizes. Teachers in each classroom will task two students as a “Bee Keeper” and a “Busy Bee Inspector.” The “Bee Keeper” will be be responsible for making sure that everyone has the utensils, napkins, straws and condiments they need, and the “Busy Bee Inspector” will be responsible for inspecting his/her classroom’s tables when they have completed their meals and exited the cafeteria.

Each day, one section at each grade level will be announced as the recipient of the “Best Bee-havior Award,” which will be distributed by the cafeteria aide. Teachers will then display the award outside their classrooms, and then return it to the “Beehive” each morning. The “Beehive” will be ready in the cafeteria for each day’s lunch sessions. Each day’s winners will also be announced by Principal Drew Olson.

The Site-Based Team’s idea to create the Bee-utiful Bee-havior program at Parliament is another way students are being taught the value of character education.

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