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Standouts to Compete at Brookhaven

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At the Board of Education’s April meeting, students throughout the district were honored for their remarkable science projects in the Kids Inquiry Conference. The standout scientists, who all earned first place and gold medals at their schools, will move on to represent the district and compete at the regional level at Brookhaven National Laboratory on May 7.
Congratulations and best of luck to second-grader Thomas Morton (Belmont); fourth-grader Dylan Peck (MGV); second-grader Matthew Coppola and fifth-grader Tyler Schmitt (Parliament); first-grader Blake Rowland, third-grader John Rowland, fourth-grader Reese Rowland and fifth-grader Liam Carbonaro (DeLuca); third-grader Michael Murphy (Woods); and sixth-grader Brendan Bulger (RMMS).
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