District third-graders recently welcomed artist-in-residence Denis Belliveau for presentations and workshops. A photographer, author and explorer, Mr. Belliveau shared the story of Marco Polo, the first global citizen, and recalled his own journey in the film “Silk Road: In the Footsteps of Marco Polo.” To begin the program, all third-graders traveled to Marion G. Vedder Elementary School, where they enjoyed an assembly program, film presentation and question-and-answer session.

Following the grade-level presentation, Mr. Belliveau visited each third-grade classroom to host a geometric patterns art workshop. Using 8x8 cardstock paper, pencils and a ruler, each student created their own piece of geometric art similar to those found within the Islamic culture. To individualize their art pieces, the students used crayons and colored pencils to finish their product. To complete the program, the individual pieces were tied together to create one large class geometric pattern.