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Earth Science at the American Museum of Natural History

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This spring, Mrs. Luna’s 9th Grade Earth Science Class went American Museum of Natural History.  During their visit students were able to “Walk Through the Formation of Our Universe”, touch the Willamette Meteorite, largest meteorite found in the United States, visit dinosaurs, such as T-Rex and Ceolophylsis, The Official State Dinosaur.  According to Marte P; “ The trip to Museum was great because we got to see all the topics we have been studying in class. It was cool.” According to Mrs. Luna, “I remember going to the AMNH when I was a student at Woods Road Elementary School, my favorite exhibit was the Hall of Minerals. It is such an awe- inspiring place for student to visit.  Giving our student an opportunity to witness science in action, outside of the classroom, gives children an opportunity to think about Earth Science and how it affects us, the inhabitants on this ‘Big Blue Marble’.  

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