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Filling Buckets at Woods Road

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This school year, students and staff at Woods Road Elementary School have focused their efforts on becoming a “bucket-filling” building. Through the Bucket Filler program, Woods Road students are learning to increase kindness, respect and courtesy and to decrease mean-spiritedness and negativity.

To spotlight the program, the school hosts character education assembly programs to highlight the six character traits – trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, caring, citizenship and fairness – where selected students are presented with certificates for successfully demonstrating the individual traits. At the recommendation of third-grader Paige Macca, the school has also created a compliments bulletin board. The “What Nice Thing Have You Said Today?” board features postcards with compliments written by students and staff for one another.

“I wanted to get the message out about being nicer to each other,” said Paige. “I love bucket-filling – it has filled my bucket a lot, and I want it to fill others.”

Inspired by the program, Paige and a few of her classmates in Lisa Wagner’s class created a “Bucket Filler” skit. Together, the classmates performed their skit for fellow students at the fairness character education assembly.
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