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Recognizing Veterans

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In recognition of the service provided by the men and women of the U.S. armed forces, students in North Babylon celebrated these brave soldiers through various activities.

On Nov. 10, Marion G. Vedder Elementary School hosted its annual Veterans Celebration. Surrounded by miniature American flags planted in the ground, the student body gathered together in the bus loop to participate in a flag-raising ceremony. High school student Liam Gargiulo and alumnus Christian Dellosso volunteered their musical talents to play “Taps” and sing the national anthem, respectively. Once inside the school, the third-, fourth and fifth-grade students performed songs, read poems and a proclamation from President Obama, and held a moment of silent for the soldiers and veterans no longer with us. The ceremony ended with a group photo of all of the veterans in attendance.

Lending their musical talents, the fifth-grade chorus from Woods Road traveled to the Spangle Drive Senior Center to sing patriotic songs on Nov. 13. Under the direction of their teacher Madeline Parlato, the students sang multiple songs, including “America” and “Proud of Our Veterans.” As a special treat, they also performed a few Thanksgiving-themed songs.

“We try to honor our veterans and tell them how grateful we are for their service to our country in song, as well as wish them a happy Thanksgiving,” said Ms. Parlato.
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