The faculty and staff of William E. DeLuca, Jr. Elementary School are proud to announce that this year’s recipient of the 'Be Victorious' award for the 2020 school year is Avigahil Tercero from Mrs. Pellegrino’s class. 

This award goes to a student who best embodies the spirit of Victoria Vega Stamler, our school social worker who passed away in 2015.

Avigahil moved to the US from the Dominican Republic before she was 5 years old. As a preschooler, she was made to leave her home, her language, her brother, as well as her extended family.  Like most ENL students, the first years were the hardest. Not only did she have to learn the academic skills of each grade, she also had to learn a new language, new customs, and new cultural expectations.

There is a determination in Avi that has helped her on her academic and individual journey. Faced with responsibility from an early age, she has taken on the roles of daughter, sister, household helper, student, friend, and role model with grace.  It has not always been easy, though she has handled it with sincerity, compassion, understanding, positivity, love, and empathy towards others.

We are so very proud of Avi and all she has accomplished.  We feel that she truly embodies the spirit of Vicky and all that she stood for.