Hello, this is Glen Eschbach with important information regarding our upcoming week’s instructional program and our district computer network.
Last week the District discovered that a portion of our computer network had been infected by a ransomware-type virus, which encrypted some of the computerized files on our internal network. The attack has also had an impact on our District email, and at this time we do not have the ability to send or receive emails Districtwide. We hope to have access to email by tomorrow, Tuesday, May 26t h.
Upon learning of the attack, the District notified the proper authorities and will continue to work with these agencies throughout their investigation. We also deployed a full team of IT professionals, who have been working to bring our computer network back online. We are extremely pleased that our onsite network engineer caught the issue early enough to prevent a systematic spread or further damage to District files. We are still investigating the full extent of the attack, however, at this time, we have determined that the District will not need to pay any ransom to retrieve its files or decrypt any files.
We are grateful that there is no evidence that any student, staff, or financial data files were involved in this attack on our educational system. However, out of an abundance of caution, the District temporarily shut down our entire District network and ALL connections to and from District-issued Chromebooks.
The shut down of our network means that any student using one of our District devices will not have access to any instructional materials. We anticipate that District-issued devices will be back online later this week. We will share further information as to exactly when we expect to be back online as it becomes available. Students not using District-issued devices will continue to have access to instruction as normal with the exception of programs that are accessed via Classlink.
We apologize for the disruption and assure you that no student's grades or academic standing will be negatively impacted by this unfortunate incident. I would like to thank our community for their understanding of this matter.