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Budget Vote and Trustee Election - TODAY photo
Budget Passed 827–282
Congratulations to Paul Miller with 691 votes and Matthew Lucchetti with 778 votes.

Regent Visits Parliament

Regent Visits Parliament photo
Regent Visits Parliament photo 2
Parliament Place received a special visit from New York State Regent Roger Tilles. During his visit, he observed several classroom lessons and offered his input to students and teachers, including Staci Manning’s fifth-grade class, where he was welcomed with a special Google Slide presentation about the importance of recycling and renewable and nonrenewable resources.

Regent Tilles’ visit was an opportunity for a member of the New York State Department of Education’s Board of Regents to see firsthand the high level of instruction and learning in the district.

Wax Wonders at Woods Road

Wax Wonders at Woods Road photo
Wax Wonders at Woods Road photo 2
Wax Wonders at Woods Road photo 3
As part of an annual tradition, Woods Road presented “The Living Wax Museum: A Walk Through History,” for parents and staff members. Fifth-graders dressed as and played the roles of famous icons and figures in American history, such as Jefferson Davis, Alexander Hamilton, Mary Harris “Mother” Jones, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harriet Tubman. The event showcased and helped supplement students’ academic disciplines in history, research, public speaking, reading and writing.

Pennies For Patients Program at DeLuca

Our Pennies for Patients Program, which benefits the Leukemia & Lymphoma Association is off to a great start for week one! So far we have raised $1,111.36, thanks to all our students, especially Mark Levin of Mrs. Stone’s class. He and his family raised over $80, all in coins, which Mark donated to our program. Way to go!


Environmental Education

Environmental Education photo
Fifth-graders in Staci Manning’s class at Parliament Place created Google Slide presentations based on their study on renewable and nonrenewable resources, the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

The students also helped begin “No Plastic Straw Tuesday,” an initiative aimed at eliminating the use of plastic straws in the school on Tuesdays. In addition, the class signed up for the “Plastic Straw Challenge” online, inquired about the possibility of having the district use paper straws instead of plastic straws next year, and convinced Garrett Ognibene, owner of Nonna Bella restaurant in North Babylon, to make Tuesdays plastic straw-free.

The activities helped move along Parliament Place’s goal to teach its students to become global citizens.

Musical Magnificence

The district has been named a Best Community for Music Education for 2018 by the National Association of Music Merchants Foundation — the 12th year it has been recognized since 2003. The distinction recognizes districts that demonstrate outstanding commitment and efforts toward maintaining music education as part of the schools’ core curriculum.

This year, North Babylon’s exceptional music program continued to expand and support student enrichment in a variety of ways. Among a wide range of accomplishments and in addition to its students routinely earning stellar distinctions at the county and state levels, the district hosted the 2018 Area 2 NYSSMA Festival, where nearly 200 North Babylon students performed and nearly 1,000 total music students auditioned; the high school’s band dazzled in their performance at the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade; and the district established a relationship with the Northport VA Hospital, coordinating visits by its musical ensembles throughout the year.

The prestigious distinction is a testament to the skills and dedication of students throughout the district, as well as the standards of excellence and high level of music instruction at North Babylon.

Tracking her Commitment

Tracking her Commitment photo
High school student-athlete Margaret McKeever signed a National Letter of Intent to run track at LIU Post next fall. The district extends its congratulations to Margaret and wishes her continued success at the collegiate level.

Peers Practice Performances for NYSSMA

Peers Practice Performances for NYSSMA photo
Peers Practice Performances for NYSSMA photo 2
For the first time in its illustrious history, the music department hosted an event designed to give students who were selected to participate in the NYSSMA Festival an opportunity to perform for their peers prior to the adjudication festival. The event, featuring a range of students in grades 3-12 performing music of varying levels of difficulty, was coordinated by District Director of Arts Dr. Kim Lowenborg-Coyne and music teacher John Lazarek.

The district wishes the students luck as they prepare for the festival on April 20 and 21.

Bully Poem written by 5th grader in DeLuca

Blast From the Past Sparks Golden Anniversary

Blast From the Past Sparks Golden Anniversary photo
In honor of the 50th anniversary of DeLuca, third-grade teacher Helayna Campo and her class received a special visit from Pamela Katz, who taught Campo when she was a fifth-grade student at DeLuca.

Katz, now retired, read “The Pain and the Great One” by Judy Blume and several poems from “Where the Sidewalk Ends” by Shel Silverstein to students, and also donated both books to Campo’s class library. The visit was a heartwarming way to bridge generations of insightful learning at DeLuca.

Band Brilliance

Band Brilliance photo
The district extends its congratulations to band student Ryan Arranz, who was selected to perform in the 14th annual LIU Post Band Festival. Arranz, who plays alto saxophone, was selected to be one of the performers in the combined ensemble from a pool of hundreds of students from more than 40 Long Island high schools. The concert will be held on April 13 at the Tilles Center.

Spring 2018 Newsletter – Now Available Online

District Digest Cover


Students Go International

Students Go International photo
Students in the NBHS Model UN club attended an International Model UN Conference in New York City.

Under the leadership of adviser Diana Simulcik, students worked alongside represented delegates from more than 50 countries who debated prominent issues, including the emergence of cyber warfare, terrorism, climate change and global economy. They also participated in a simulation as ambassadors, experts and activists to tackle the international community’s problems while representing a particular country, and learned about the importance of cooperation, compromise and consensus.

DeLuca's STRIVE program making great strides.


Angelica, Ronell, and William play memory match together.


Anthony and Mrs. Marchesani decorating a pumpkin on Halloween. 


Zachary trick-or-treating on Halloween with the Kindergarten students.


The STRIVE class participated in the Human Food Chain this fall. This was a fun experience for the class and everyone was excited to lend a helping hand!


Zachary and Ms. K thanking our veterans during the Veteran’s Day Parade. 

DeLuca's 2018 Annual Spelling Bee

The William E. DeLuca, Jr. Elementary School held their annual school spelling bee on Thursday, January 12th.  There were 21 contestants representing 7 classes. Fifth-grade student Jack Rowland was victorious. Congratulations to Jack on all his hard work. He will proudly represent William DeLuca at the Hofstra Regional Spelling Bee on February 4th. Congratulations to everyone who participated in this exciting annual event! 

WED Lego Club

Third, fourth, and fifth graders at William E. DeLuca Elementary explored robotics during the Lego club, ran by Ms. Angela Cusumano, building substitute. They worked in pairs to first construct a robot out of specialized Legos and then created a program to make it navigate a maze. Some students enjoyed the classic Lego construction aspect of the club. Third grader, Jack Miller liked this part because he says, “I always like to build with Legos.” The construction resonated with Isabella Barone, from fifth grade, because she says, “I like to build stuff and put things together.”

Other students found a new passion for programming. Maxwell Green, a fifth grader commented, “I liked programming the robot to move because it came to life.” Charlotte Odell, from the fourth grade, adds, “I liked it because you got to name your robot and train it to work.” Our younger members were drawn to this aspect of the club as well. Third grader Adrian Braswell stated, “I had fun programming.”

Throughout the process the students learned how to work as a team and how to persevere. “It was like one big, awesome trial and error,” said Ada Balkas, from fourth grade, about her experience programming. She was not the only student who became fond of this new skill. “I liked programming the robot to move because it was challenging and fun to do,” Michael Hauff, a fifth grader, expressed. To sum up the club, third grader, Blake Rowland says, “Lego club was fun, cool, and exciting!”

WED Organic Garden

With the help of the Homegrown Organic Food Inc., and thanks to our wonderful PTA, the students at William E. DeLuca Jr. Elementary School have had the opportunity to design, build, and develop a Four Season Organic Garden. This program includes but is not limited to outdoor planting beds, a greenhouse, outside classroom, and composting facility. The students have been learning how to grow organic food and develop a healthy lifestyle. The Garden has produced food for not only our Foundations For Learning classes and the Summer School Program, but for our local Food Pantry as well!

The Organic Garden Project is part of our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program, as it reinstates the "Cultivating Kindness" theme from the Rees Specht presentation we had. Mr. Specht had taught us that with planting a seed of kindness, a little "rees specht" will help it grow and spread on to others.

Our Garden is also a part of our STEAM initiative; we are learning how to create and manage a self-sustaining ecosystem. Last year the students learned how to make organic soil from compost, and how to harvest seeds from existing crops. This year, they learned how to harness the power of the sun using the Hoop House to create an energy-free Greenhouse! The Hoop House will allow us to grow fruits and vegetables year-round.

This would not have been possible without the funding and continued support from our wonderful PTA, who provide for us our Cultural Arts funding, and even donated the funds to purchase the Greenhouse! We thank you!

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