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Student Earns ‘Be Victorious Award’

Student Earns ‘Be Victorious Award’ photo
WED school is proud to announce that Nicholas Steil from Mr. Ierardi’s class is the 2019 recipient of the Victoria Vega “Be Victorious Award.”

This award was created in memory of Mrs. Victoria Vega, who was a very prominent social worker at the school. This honor is presented to a student who embodies the spirit of Mrs. Vega.

Nicholas is polite, brave and mature, and carries a great attitude. He enjoys learning and being a part of the school community. He has shown all who know him what it means to face adversity and pushes forward even during the most challenging of moments. 

His name has been engraved on the “Be Victorious” plaque, which is hung in the lobby of the school. He will also receive a very special award during the fifth grade moving p ceremony on June 25.

Drama Club Earns Prestigious Awards

Drama Club Earns Prestigious Awards

The NBHS Drama Club and International Thespian Society Troupe 3370 rocked the Babylon Citizen Council on the Arts Teen Theatre Awards and took home eight prestigious honors. Led by club moderator and theatre teacher Lisa Drance, the club earned these awards due to their efforts in several productions throughout the year.

Awards included Outstanding Dance Performance; Teens in Tune (Omar Karim, Jessica Romero, Jason Valverde, Marcus Wilkinson); Student Director (Maya Sepulveda); Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Musical (Giovanna Aiello); Outstanding Production Value of a Musical; Student Choreographers and Dance Captains (Giovanna Aiello, Elijah Bailey, Joshua Gibson, Arianna Pentecost); James McGarrity Senior Achievement Award (Jacob Lesko); and Outstanding Musical.

The District congratulates all the students on receiving these phenomenal accomplishments.


Student Earns STANYS Excellence in Science

Student Earns STANYS Excellence in Science photo
The District is proud to announce that NBHS senior Astrid Bucaro received the Science Teachers Association of New York State Excellence in Science award for her outstanding accomplishments in the subject. She was nominated by AP biology and science research teacher Ms. Annette Kuruc.

Her accomplishments include being enrolled in the school’s science research program from grades 10-12, where she did the majority of her research that focuses on the effects of nicotinamide riboside on the lifespan in Drosophila melanogaster and C. elegans respectively. 

This past year, she also conducted research in microbiology. She tested the effects of mannose on the growth of Streptococcus salivarius, which has the potential to be beneficial to oral health. This experiment was recognized at the Long Island Science Congress and ranked as Excellence with High Honors. 

Astrid plans to continue her research in the fall, where she will attend Stony Brook University as a biology major on a pre-dental track. She will also graduate from North Babylon High School amongst the top 25 in her class as an AP scholar with honors.

The District congratulates Astrid on her achievements and wishes her continued success throughout her college career.

Students Deter Peers from Vaping

Students Deter Peers from Vaping
Students Deter Peers from Vaping 2
Students Deter Peers from Vaping 3
Students Deter Peers from Vaping 4
High Schoolers ventured to the RMMS to educate and discourage students from vaping and using e-cigarettes. This is part of the district’s continued efforts to help prevent teens from these bad habits, working through the Suffolk County Department of Health’s “Vape Out! A comprehensive Vaping Prevention Program.” 

The three-pronged program includes parent education, alternatives to suspension and teens teaching teens. An eclectic group of high school peer leaders from grades 9-12 participated in the full day leadership training in February and brought that knowledge to the middle school. They delivered their 30-minute presentations and educated middle schoolers about some of the dangers related to these e-cigarette products. 

Sophomore Cara Quinn said they’re “peer pressuring them but in a positive way. It’s more effective hearing it from us because we could relate to them on more levels than adults can in today’s society.”

Joe Candia, junior, added “since we’re around the same age as them, we’re able to have a huge impact on them rather than an adult. We know some of the stuff that they’re going through so we can connect better with them and be able to tell them that this behavior is unhealthy.”

DeLuca's 'Be Victorious' Award Winner

William E. DeLuca Jr, Elementary School is proud to announce 2019’s recipient of the ‘Be Victorious Award.’  This award was created in memory of Mrs. Vega who was a very important social worker in our school. 


This year’s recipient is Nicholas Steil from Mr. Ierardi’s class.  Nicholas has a great attitude.  He enjoys learning and being a part of the school community.  He comes to school each day ready and willing to learn.  Nicholas is polite, brave, and mature.  He has shown all who know him what it means to face adversity and push forward even during the most challenging of moments.   


Nicholas’ name has been engraved on the ‘Be Victorious’ plaque which is hung in the lobby of the school.  He will also receive a very special award during the 5th Grade Moving-Up Ceremony. 

Students Raise Funds for a Cause

Students Raise Funds for a Cause

High School students adorned themselves with colored bracelets to help raise funds for the Pulsera Project. By purchasing the bracelets, or “pulseras” in Spanish, they raised $1,200 for the nonprofit organization, which helps support fair trade employment in Central America.

The artists that craft these colorful pieces for the group also benefit from programs that include scholarships, healthcare, housing, legal services and personal development. In addition, proceeds also fund a wide range of social impact programs in the country, such as education, women and youth empowerment, the social/economic crisis in Nicaragua, social enterprise and more.

Ms. Colleen Cafiso’s Spanish class helped promote and sell the bracelets by creating flyers and selling the bracelets in the school store and at the craft fair. Prior to that, students read and watched short films about Nicaragua and learned about the artists and communities in the country who are supported by the funds raised by the project. They were also educated on fair trade and the significance on impacting people’s lives in developing nations by purchasing from companies that value human dignity and equality.

“Thank you to all who helped support and promote this great cause,” Ms. Cafiso said. “I am overjoyed at the positive response that this received from the school community.”

Sixth Grader Wins First Place in Science Fair


The District is proud to announce that Robert Moses Middle School’s James Bulger won first place at the Brookhaven National Laboratory Elementary School Science Fair for the sixth-grade level.

This achievement was based on his science project, “Nano-Remediators: using nanotechnology to remediate oil spills.” He received a ribbon and a medal for his efforts and the school was presented with a banner of acknowledgement.

James will be honored for his success by the Legislator Tom Donnelly (District 17) at the Suffolk County Legislators meeting on June 4. 

Spring 2019 Newsletter – Now Available


Budget Vote Results

vote slide
The Budget Has Passed. Thank You./El presupuesto ha sido aprobado. Gracias.

Yes/Sí - 960
No- 391

Proposition #2 Has Passed./La Proposición # 2 ha sido aprobada.
Yes/Sí – 1,059
No- 282

Congratulations to Daniel D. Caroleo and Heather Rowland on winning the Board election.
Felicitaciones a Dan Caroleo y Heather Rowland por ganar la elección de la Junta.

Fifteen Students Received State Awards

Fifteen Students Received State Awards photo
Fifteen Students Received State Awards photo 2
Fifteen Students Received State Awards photo 3
The district is proud to announce that 15 students were recently honored with the Outstanding Elementary and Middle School Physical Education Student Leadership Awards from the Suffolk Zone of the New York State Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

They were selected based on a number of criteria. This includes exhibiting a physically active lifestyle inside and outside of school; demonstrating responsible personal and social behavior, including good sportsmanship, character, civility and citizenship; demonstrating leadership and positively influencing his/her peers; contributing to their school physical education and health education programs; and demonstrating and valuing a healthy lifestyle, wellness and lifelong learning. In addition, students were also selected based on their exceptional achievement in health education and/or physical education classes and achieving a high level of physical fitness on approved fitness test.

The district congratulates these students on their exceptional efforts throughout the year. 

Below is a list of winners and their schools:

Parliament Place Elementary School: Mackenzie Ryan and Spencer Jordan
William E. DeLuca Elementary School: Lydia Derokov and Andrew Dibiase
Woods Road Elementary School: Lia Palumbo, Kaeden Hannan and Jerry Gomez Flores
Belmont Elementary School: Kayla Milheiser, Jake Walsh- Twin and Aidan Walsh-Twin
Marion G. Vedder Elementary School: Bayla Goldberg and Jordan Peck
Robert Moses Middle School: Lauren Grenci, Jonathan Shank and Renato Tapia Perez

SCOPE Honors District Members

SCOPE Honors District Members

Three members of the district were honored at the annual SCOPE Award Dinner in March. Joyce Bolton, Joan Carlino and Rita Savastano were nominated by the district and received awards for their outstanding service, dedication and commitment to the community.

Mrs. Bolton, recipient of the Support Staff Service Award, began her career with the district in 2005. She was a food service worker, assistant cook and is now head cook at Robert Moses Middle School. She cheerfully greets students and staff each day, providing 200 breakfasts and 1,100 student lunches. In addition, she regularly caters meetings, celebrations and special events. Mrs. Bolton is an active CSEA member and secretary of her unit. 

Mrs. Savastano received the Community Service Award for her outstanding efforts within the district, which has spanned 40 years. She serves on the PTA and has been the recipient of the Honorary Life, Distinguished Service and Lee Tatti Community Service awards, as well as the North Babylon Teachers’ Organization’s Distinguished Service Award. Mrs. Savastano contributes to many district committees and community organizations such as PASA, PEP, PYAC, Site Base Management Teams, Human Relations, Scholarship Committee, Health & Safety Committee, NBCYS and Lions Club. She continues to show an impressive level of dedication to community service. 

Ms. Carlino, recipient of the Teacher Service Award, is a valued member of the Belmont Elementary School staff, teaching at the elementary level for 23 years. She is a mentor to untenured teachers, participates in curriculum writing and is a member of the Superintendent Teacher Advisory Council. She’s also a teacher representative for the PTA and a site-based committee member. In addition, Ms. Carlino works endlessly with student teacher candidates to discuss ideas, approaches and advances to create effective classrooms for active learning. 

The district congratulates all three recipients and are thankful for their continued service within the community. 

District Named Best in Music Education

District Named Best in Music Education
The district has once again been named Best Community for Music Education by the National Association of Music Merchants Foundation for 2019. This is the 13th year it has been recognized since 2003. 

This prestigious distinction is earned by school districts across the nation that exhibit exceptional efforts and commitment toward maintaining music education as part of the school’s core curriculum, excel in their instruction of music and in their extensive array of music programs offered to students.

The district is proud of the hard work and perseverance its staff and students continue to execute within the department. 

William E. DeLuca Jr. celebrates Autism Awareness Day

MGV & WED represented at the Long Island String Festival Association

Fifth-grade students are all smiles after their LISFA concert on Sunday, January 27, 2019. The phenomenal performance came after only eight hours of rehearsal throughout the weekend. Wonderful work, ladies! Thank you for representing North Babylon schools!


Left to right: Marion G. Vedder’s Briana and Melanie, William E. DeLuca’s Lydia and Leah 

Important Information from the Suffolk County Police

Important Information from the Suffolk County Police

Bond Work Updates

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Improving Our Schools. Building Upon Our Success. Click here to view the Bond Update page

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