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The Members of the Board of Education

About Us   

A seven member Board of Education, elected by the people, and serving without salary, is responsible for the schools. Each member serves a term of three years. 

Elections are held on the third Tuesday in May. 

Regular public Board meetings are generally held on the third Thursday of each month at 8:00 pm at the Robert Moses Middle School.

To contact the Board of Education, please e-mail the district clerk at

Bob Scheid Bob Scheid, President   

Barbara Ferguson Barbara Ferguson, Vice President   

Dan Caroleo Dan Caroleo, Trustee   

Salvatore Levanti Salvatore Levanti, Trustee   

Matthew Lucchetti Matthew Lucchetti, Trustee   

Janet Meyerson Janet Meyerson, Trustee   

Heather Rowland Heather Rowland, Trustee   
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