You are a BIG DEAL!

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Mrs. Jacquemain’s class has been working on building character by taking a little time each day to let one classmate know that they are a Big Deal! Each day notes are passed about our Big Deal recipient; every peer in the class shares why they enjoy the classmate. That classmate gets to chose the next Big Deal for the following day. It’s a sweet reveal in the morning and a big boost for the recipient. Even more than that every day we are all working on sharing a kindness about a peer.

Mrs. Jacquemain believes that by making this part of everyday routine it will become second nature for her students. Empathy and compassion are the overall themes and we make a difference by building each other up! She’s happy to report that without any direction her students aren’t choosing their friend when given the chance, they are choosing someone they believe needs the “pat on the back.”  It’s heartwarming. The students look forward to each day. Are you kind of a big deal? We are!