High School Breakfast of Champions

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Breakfast of Champions is a program that highlights growth and academic achievements of a select number of students,  who have been nominated by teachers and staff. This semester the following students have been honored:

Camilla H. by Mrs. McCauley, Jeremy P. by Mrs. Bowman, Kevin L. by Mrs. Arango, Toraugust C. by Ms. York, Lynsey G. by Mrs. Yondola, Christian V. by Ms. Leone, George F. by Mr. Haley, Anaf R. by Mr. Imhof, Daina W. by Ms. Avilia, Giovanna G. by Ms. Seeno, Marisa B. by Mr. Williams and Mr. Scottaline, Emily N. by Mrs. Buksa and Mrs. Fitzpatrick, Cassie L. by Mrs. Hilt, Kyle W. by Mr. Jay Murphy,  and Dominique P. by Mrs. Ligonde.