Cooperative education project

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Since the 2011 – 2012 school year, Mrs. Dolezal’s high school class has been participating in a cooperative education project with Mrs. Gryn’s kindergarten class at the Marion G. Vedder elementary school.  This project still continues with this year’s group of kindergartners.  Having the high school students create, plan, and evaluate mini-lessons for the students in Mrs. Gryn’s class provides each person with a wonderful and valuable experience.  Mrs. Dolezal’s students get the opportunity to explore potential careers with children for the future, they are able to use their life experiences to relate to others, and they serve as role models for the kindergarten students.  Mrs. Gryn’s class brings out a whole new side to the high school students!  They present them with the opportunity to be positive role models as well as to put the knowledge they have learned to a real life situation!  Most importantly, these students all have developed friendships within the school environment!