Learning About Gingerbread

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To culminate their unit of study on gingerbread, second-grade students in the classes of Elyse Cormilas, Kelly Gregorio, Nicole Guida abd Maureen Pellegrino, at North Babylon's William E. DeLuca Elementary School participated in gingerbread-themed workstations.

Working in small groups, the students rotated through the classrooms in the second-grade wing to work at the various stations. Using edible gingerbread men, the second-graders utilized their math skills by tasting the cookies and graphing which portions of the cookies that they took their first bites of. The students then honed their English language skills by writing essays using their five senses to describe the gingerbread men. They also put their artistic talents to good use by decorating an edible gingerbread cookie, creating a gingerbread house using a paper bag, coloring a holiday placemat and making a holiday wreath from beads and ribbon.

As part of the New York State Common Core curriculum on gingerbread, the students studied its history, read fictional and nonfictional stories and worked on various writing projects.