District Honors PS I Love You Day

District Honors PS I Love You Day photo thumbnail109616

It was a sea of purple throughout the District on Feb. 8, as each student and staff member wore purple to school to support PS I Love You Day. The organization, founded by Ms. Brooke DePalma after the death of her father, is dedicated to standing up against bullying, helping to end depression, and preventing suicide. In addition to the purple attire, the district also purchased purple bracelets that say “PS I Love You” on them for every staff member and student in the district.

At Parliament, students and teachers wore purple to school to support PS I Love You Day. Each teacher was also given a small paper heart so they could write a message to each student in their class. Meanwhile, Ms. Staci Manning’s fifth-grade class made big hearts for every single staff member in the building to hang in the hallways. In addition, Parliament students also donated their snack money during lunch to the cause. At Belmont, fourth-grade students wrote inspiring quotes for all to see.

The RMMS hosted an assembly where Ms. DiPalma visited the school to share her life story and give students a helping hand. This year’s theme for the organization is “Be Proud of Who You Are.”

“At the end of the day, love is love. At the end of the day, you have the opportunity to really change someone with a few words, a few actions can change the course of someone’s life,” Ms. DiPalma said to the crowd. “I believe in you, I am so proud of each and every single one of you for not only coming here today, but getting up this morning and coming to school. If I could leave you guys with one piece of advice it’s to realize the little accomplishments in every single day. Be proud of who you are.”

Also attending the assembly was members of the Board of Education and administration. Ms. DiPalma also received proclamations from New York State Assemblyman Michael LiPetri and Town of Babylon councilmen Terence McSweeney and Antonio Martinez to make PS I Love You Day an official day. 

Ms. DiPalma also visited the High School to share the same message with those students.