Johnny Appleseed Collaborative Workshop

Johnny Appleseed Collaborative Workshop photo

Ms. Helayna Campo’s third-grade class and Ms. Jodi Rebholz’s kindergarten class at William E. DeLuca received a special treat during a collaborative workshop that centered on the book “Johnny Appleseed,” by Patricia Demuth. The two classes learned the story of Johnny Appleseed by watching a read aloud of the book and then teamed up for crafts and apple tasting.

Students crafted an illustration of Johnny Appleseed using colored paper and then were called to a table to taste pieces of cut up red, yellow and green apples. Each student then contributed to a graph on the classroom smartboard and picked which apple was their favorite flavor. 

The purpose of the lesson was to allow students from different age groups the opportunity to learn from one another, and guide and help each other through the assignment. With that, students also practiced how to properly use a smartboard, while perfecting their math skills by assessing the number of apples on the graph.