Lifesaving Lesson for Guards

Lifesaving Lesson for Guards photo
Security guards across all seven schools participated in a lifesaving program hosted by NYU Winthrop Hospital.

The hospital’s trauma team led the “Stop the Bleed” program, initiated by the American College of Surgeons and supported by Homeland Security, at the high school for 40 members of the district’s security staff. Collectively, they learned how to assist in a bleeding emergency until professional medical aid arrives. One guard, who is also a registered nurse, also indicated the intention to become an instructor of the program, which would enable the district to conduct its own training in the future.

“Our security guards understand the responsibility we have to protect each and every student, faculty member and employee in our schools,” said John Kilgen, director of school safety for the district. “The skills learned from the NYU Winthrop team will enable our highly qualified security guards to become more effective than ever.”

North Babylon’s participation in the training was an extension of its commitment to keeping its schools safe and prepared to act swiftly and accordingly in a medical emergency. The district is one of the first on Long Island to proactively provide this training for its security guards.