NBHS Students Shine at Science

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Congratulations to North Babylon High School students Kevin White and Karan Kumar, whose science research projects were honored at various competitions.

Kevin’s project won first place in Chemistry at the Junior Long Island Science & Engineering Fair. In his award-winning research, Kevin investigated ways to improve the dye of sensitized solar cells, which are inexpensive replacements for the silicon panels used on solar panels. The main improvement of the project would be to enhance the performance (voltage, current) of the cell while under visible light irradiation.

Karan received honorable mention in the second round of the Long Island Science & Engineering Fair, as well as the fourth-place overall win at the Dowling College Science Fair. Regarding his project, Karan explained, “Past studies suggest that the inhalation of incense smoke may lead to cancer, but the specific cancer causing carcinogen has not been identified. An experiment was conducted using a particulate matter air aspirator. It was predicted that the higher the level of incense solution, the lower the survival and reproduction rate in the Drosophila.”