Hello this is Glen Eschbach, Superintendent of the North Babylon School District with an important message regarding internet safety.
Yesterday, it was reported to District personnel that a student at Parliament Place Elementary School viewed inappropriate material on a District computer. In response, the District immediately launched an investigation into the matter. As a result of a thorough diagnostic assessment it was determined that our filtering system had failed to properly block a specific website. The District immediately put additional internet safety precautions in place that would prevent access to this site and any of its nature. These actions include, limiting the search engines available to students and staff, utilizing Google Safe Search, and monitoring district filters twice a day through manual review by our technology department.
Please know that the wellbeing of our students is our utmost concern and top priority when educating our students. And, although we are in a time when we discuss security in a different manner, internet safety remains at the forefront of our minds. We will continue to work with the student body to emphasize the importance of internet safety and proper usage of technology.