Hello this is Glen Eschbach, Superintendent of the North Babylon School District.

I am calling to inform you of an incident that occurred at Parliament Place Elementary School this morning that caused the building to be placed in a “Hold in Place” status, meaning students and staff remained in place without an interruption to instruction. This action was taken strictly as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of students and staff. At no time were any students or staff in danger.

Earlier today, parents of a student who were upset regarding an alleged incident involving their child from the previous day came to school to meet with administrators to discuss the individual student matter where their child was exposed to inappropriate material on a computer while in class. The district is taking this matter very seriously and is currently reviewing our computer security filtering system and investigating how this incident occurred. During the meeting, the parents became angry and threatening in nature, and in order to appropriately mitigate the situation the police were called to the school.

I’d like to remind you that information being shared on social media is not always accurate, rather often times hearsay, conjecture, and unsubstantiated narrative.

The Suffolk County Police are handling their portion of this incident and the District will continue to ensure the safety of our students and staff by implementing the proper safety protocols at all times to maintain our safe school environment.  

Thank you for your attention to this matter.