Bulldogs’ Unsung Hero a fan favorite

Bulldogs’ Unsung Hero a fan favorite photo thumbnail87247
The district would like to acknowledge the high school’s varsity basketball team, and one of its most hardworking and outstanding players, Bryan Armando Loais.

This year, the team posted a 6-6 record on the season and qualified for the playoffs, with its first game against Bellport High School on Feb. 17. Loais has been lauded by coach Brendan McCaffrey as a model student and athlete, who attends practice daily without any complaints.

“He’s an incredible kid who is loved by the team,” McCaffrey said of Loais, who was recently awarded the “Unsung Hero” award by the coaches in the association and will be honored at an awards dinner at the end of the year.

Loais played three minutes in each of the two games he appeared this season, and scored an impressive four points in each; he was rushed on the court and hugged by his teammates in both of the games. In the second game, which was the high school’s Senior Night, the crowd cheered, “Put Bryan in, Put Bryan in!”

Loais’ standing as a fan- and teammate-favorite is a testament to not only the team’s camaraderie and solidarity, but also what his coaches, teachers and administrators recognize is the result of a relentless work ethic and positive spirit.