Third, fourth, and fifth graders at William E. DeLuca Elementary explored robotics during the Lego club, ran by Ms. Angela Cusumano, building substitute. They worked in pairs to first construct a robot out of specialized Legos and then created a program to make it navigate a maze. Some students enjoyed the classic Lego construction aspect of the club. Third grader, Jack Miller liked this part because he says, “I always like to build with Legos.” The construction resonated with Isabella Barone, from fifth grade, because she says, “I like to build stuff and put things together.”

Other students found a new passion for programming. Maxwell Green, a fifth grader commented, “I liked programming the robot to move because it came to life.” Charlotte Odell, from the fourth grade, adds, “I liked it because you got to name your robot and train it to work.” Our younger members were drawn to this aspect of the club as well. Third grader Adrian Braswell stated, “I had fun programming.”

Throughout the process the students learned how to work as a team and how to persevere. “It was like one big, awesome trial and error,” said Ada Balkas, from fourth grade, about her experience programming. She was not the only student who became fond of this new skill. “I liked programming the robot to move because it was challenging and fun to do,” Michael Hauff, a fifth grader, expressed. To sum up the club, third grader, Blake Rowland says, “Lego club was fun, cool, and exciting!”