Seniors Celebrate Monumental Achievement

Seniors Celebrate Monumental Achievement Photo thumbnail79462

Not even Mother Nature could dampen the spirits of the graduating seniors of NBHS who celebrated their commencement on June 24.

Students marched from the gym to the football field as their family, friends and community members cheered them on. The day commemorated four years of hard work, memories and experiences that students can hold on to as they move forward to college, the workforce or the military.

After the North Babylon Fire Company presented the Color Guard and the Pledge of Allegiance, the senior members of the orchestra and concert choir performed “The Star-Spangled Banner” and the choir also sang “The Lord Bless You and Keep You.”

After a welcome from Principal Jonathan Klomp, Superintendent Glen Eschbach praised the students for their accomplishment and dedication during their years in the North Babylon School District.

“Today you are poised to start a new chapter of your life’s story, armed with the skills and knowledge that you have attained during your years in North Babylon,” Eschbach said. “Whatever direction you take, I guarantee that your world will change as you leave high school, and our world will change as a result of your contributions. You are capable of extraordinary things. You have already proved that by being here today. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you’ll always have a home here and will forever be a Bulldog.”

Senior Class Presidents Sofia Kachurka and Amanda Lucchetti shared well wishes with their classmates, followed by addresses by the Class of 2017’s valedictorian and salutatorian, Emily Michele and Joseph Cuomo, respectively.

“The only thing we can do now is remember not to dwell on what is gone,” Michele said. “We need to take freedom in our hands, embrace it. Take out those shriveled raisin dreams that you forgot about long ago: water them, grow them into a garden of grapes; tear through the cardboard in your attic and unbox all the desires left up there to suffocate: let them breathe. You can do now all the things you’ve never done, because you are free!”

Cuomo praised his classmates’ work ethic and resolve during their four years together and urged them to keep working hard as they move forward.

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice your gift,” Cuomo said. “Hard work and perseverance is what separates the greats from the could-have-beens, not pure talent. With the help of many important people in our lives, we were able to not sacrifice the gift.”

Principal Klomp reflected with students on their years together and praised them for all they’ve accomplished. He added that he’s excited to see what happens next for the Class of 2017 and pleaded for students to always remember where they come from.

“For the last 13 years, you, the Class of 2017, have moved through our five elementary schools, Robert Moses Middle School and North Babylon High School, together,” Principal Klomp said. “As our mission statement reads, North Babylon Schools have prepared you to be informed, thoughtful and productive 21st century citizens who value learning, possess collaborative and creative skills and demonstrate character.”