Students Shine in ‘Love Letters’

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The high school Drama Club performed a remarkable rendition of A.R. Gurney’s play “Love Letters” for the community, district staff members and peers in the filled-to-capacity auditorium prior to the holiday break.

The drama, directed by theater director and teacher Lisa Drance, spans letters over the course of six decades between childhood friends Andy and Melissa. Despite being written for only two actors, Drance incorporated several students in the performance by breaking it up into eras. Each era featured a different duo of students playing Andy and Melissa, which served to give them each an opportunity to showcase their outstanding talents.

“Within these letters, we learn about how their [Andy’s and Melissa’s] relationship grows and changes over time,” said Drance. “We also see a battle between writing and telephoning, each form of communication personifying the characters and influencing the course of their relationship. I broke up the couple’s relationship into temporal chunks; the diversity of these pairs shows one universal truth: love endures over time.”

Andy was played in different eras by Jason Valverde; Jacob Lesko; Anthony Perry; C.J. Boell; Noah Odige; Joshua Gibson; Jordan Bux; and Kriston Williams. Melissa was portrayed in different eras by Molly Battaglia; Kaitlin Meyers; Renée Agent; Amanda Zweibel; Annalise Dankenbrink; Christina Cotignola; Sofia Kachurka; and Kristina Scheid.

“Love Letters” not only spotlighted students’ and staff members’ commitment to theatrical excellence, but also served as a riveting and entertaining showcase of their talents.