Belmont Has a Ball

Fifth-graders at Belmont are becoming dignified ladies and gentlemen by participating in the Dancing Classrooms: Transforming Lives One Step at a Time program.
Over the course of 10 weeks and 20 lessons, the students are taking part in interactive lessons about the history and cultures of the merengue, foxtrot, rumba, tango, swing and waltz. On the 20th lesson, students will dress elegantly to present a culmination of all they have learned in a ballroom performance. The program, hosted by affiliate organization CoDanceCo, home of Dancing Classrooms Long Island, is led in collaboration with students’ teachers and an instructor from the dance group.
By learning about the origins and proper application of steps in each dance, students are fostering the virtues of respect, teamwork, confidence and politeness. These lessons are serving to maximize their potential on the dance floor as well as in life.