Belmont Piles Up Pennies and Sets School Record


The Belmont community set a new record for funds raised during the annual monthlong “Pennies for Patients” campaign to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

The school raised a total of $7,070.94, surpassing its previous record of $7,000, which was set last year. To achieve the amazing figure, the school hosted a variety of fun activities designed to raise funds in creative ways throughout March. Each week of the month had a special designation including “Cash for a Cookie,” “Stuck for a Buck Campaign,” “Movie Night,” and culminated with an assembly and duct-taping, respectively.     

During week one, students received a coupon for a free cookie from Panera Bread and had their names displayed on a wall if they donated $1; during week two, students who donated $1 were eligible to vote for which staff member they would like to see duct-taped to the wall at the end of the month; during week three, “Movie Night” tickets were available to be purchased, as were snacks and raffle tickets during the event; and during the culminating assembly, a staff member was duct-taped to the wall and a check was presented to a representative from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

The classes who raised the most money were rewarded with a pasta party and ice cream party.

Belmont’s 2016 “Pennies for Patients” campaign highlighted the school’s continuing altruistic efforts and taught students the importance of charitable endeavors.