Artistically Scientific

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District students learned about a unique process combining art and science during a visit to the factory floor of the Evans Drums Company, a division of D’Addario in Farmingdale.

Thirty drummers from the middle and high school marching bands saw step-by-step how drum heads are made in activities designed to blend the arts with science and mathematics. They observed firsthand the custom-designed robots used to cut, share and secure the drum heads that they play each day in their classes. They also learned how shape, size and texture can affect pitch and dynamics. As they navigated the factory, students interacted with engineers, workers and musicians to further enhance their learning.
“We love to bring the students such authentic and exciting STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) activities because they truly engage the whole child,” said district Director of Arts Dr. Kim Lowenborg-Coyne. “When the students are this excited about learning, they achieve great things in all areas of study, not just the arts. This was a great day, and we are very grateful to Ben Smith, social media coordinator for D’Addario, and to the whole Evans division for offering us this unique opportunity.”