Toy Stories

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If you’re looking to begin your holiday shopping early and want to know which toys will be best sellers in December, look no further than Kerrie Nocella’s sixth-grade class in North Babylon. The students were selected by the “Kidsday” section of Newsday to review more than 70 toys and games for an upcoming issue. Each of the students will be responsible for playing with the toy or game for two weeks, writing a detailed review, which will include their thoughts as well as their age-range recommendations, and rating the items on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best.

“You are the reporters,” said Newsday representative Patrick Mullooly. “I want your words and your opinions.”

Added Ms. Nocella, “I thought that participating in Kidsday would be a great experience for my students to see their written work published. It gives them a great sense of purpose when they see that their ideas and written words are read by others and valued. I am hoping that some of the students will be intrigued by the idea of a career in journalism, and I also hope that they will be motivated to keep writing for an audience. In addition, it supports the writing skills units in my Academic Foundations class.”

Once the students have completed their assignment, a few of the toys and games will be given back to the manufacturers, with the remaining items given to the students to keep. The student reviews may be seen in a full-page spread in the December 11th edition of Newsday, with an additional four days of reviews.