NBHS Students Visit Legislature

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Nine high school seniors were introduced to the inner workings of the Suffolk County Legislature during the first annual Suffolk County Student Legislative Day.
The day, which was held at the Legislature in Hauppauge, was designed to teach students how government operates. The program was initiated as a means of forging a deeper understanding of the role of county government for students through personal interactions with officials. Under the direction of social studies teacher and advisor Diana Simulcik, students met with county legislators, department chairpersons and various committee members to become acquainted with the functions of each branch of government. In addition, students were introduced to the procedures for introducing new legislation and the roles of various departments in each branch. The program culminated with a mock legislative session, during which the students assumed different roles, collaborated and selected a controversial issue of local concern to debate. They also drafted legislation, held public hearings and voted after debating pros and cons.
The nine students were Rochelle Brown, Jamima Chowdhury, Cevin Felix, Nina Malusay, Anthony Pascone, Kaitlyn Sparacio, Alonzo Tabada, Shauneil Williams and Larib Zahid.