Red Ribbons Across the District

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The district’s seven schools observed Red Ribbon Week on Oct. 26-Oct. 30 by participating in several activities designed for students to celebrate themselves and pledge to remain drug-free.
To begin the week, students and staff members at RMMS were all encouraged to wear red to signify their unity in standing for the cause, and hundreds did just that. At Parliament, each day featured a different activity: Monday was Love My “Selfie” Day, as students drew a picture of themselves and described why they love themselves; on Tuesday, students and staff were asked to wear their favorite pair of jeans to show that they are “Jean-iuses” against drugs; on Wednesday, all students and staff received red tulip bulbs to plant as promises to remain drug free; on Thursday, the Parliament community wore its brightest shirts to show that they are too bright for drugs; and on Friday, all were encouraged to compliment at least one other person.
Red Ribbon Week served as unifying and confidence-building ways for students to pledge their stances against drugs.