Belmont & Woods Road 5th Grade Orchestra students performed our National Anthem at the Long Island Duck Game

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On Sunday, June 19th, several of Belmont's 5th grade orchestra students combined with Woods Road to perform our National Anthem at the 1:35PM Long Island Ducks Game.  These students have given up their recess time, once a week, for months to prepare for this performance.  What a great day to celebrate Father's Day!  

The students involved were violinists Anthony, Emily, Celine, Jewel, Michael, Kirsten, Alexander, and Emma...violists Isabella, Samantha, Joey, Brendan, Vicki, and Samantha...and cellists Brendan, Tasha and Patricia.  Truli  sang the National Anthem.  Mr. Schultheis played the string bass and Mrs. Basile conducted the ensemble.  Congratulations to these students for representing themselves and their schools so well!