Science Toshiba Grant Award Implementation a Success at Belmont!!

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The North Babylon School District Science Program, in cooperation with Belmont Elementary School, was the proud recipient of a $1000 grant award from the Toshiba America Foundation. The project entitled, “Paper Pioneers: Closing the Loop”, was designed to promote hands-on instruction about the importance of conserving natural resources. Students in Ms. Deborah Serino’s fourth grade classes learned the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources in the context of energy use and production of goods. They connected all of the environmental challenges facing our planet to population and then put their newly found knowledge into practice by learning how to make their own recycled paper. Students connected their science instruction to math through their understanding of proportions of paper to water to create pulp. Ms. Serino incorporated ELA into the project by having students create journals detailing their understanding of Earth’s resources and the art of making paper! The project was a huge success and can be repeated for years to come.