NBHS Little Theatre’s Sig-nature Moment

As the result of a grassroots effort led by high school alumni Liana N. and Kristin C., the school’s little theatre was dedicated to retired theatre teacher David Signorelli.

A plaque commemorating the dedication was unveiled at a special ceremony attended by both former and current members of the Board of Education, including Bob Scheid, Barbara Leun, Barbara Ferguson, James Shinnick and Matthew Lucchetti. The program also featured the presentation of a film constructed by the alumni that celebrated the career of Mr. Signorelli, and a reception hosted by the Performing Arts Support Association (PASA) of North Babylon. Mr. Signorelli participated in a ribbon-cutting that made the dedication official.

Mr. Signorelli taught theatre in the district for 34 years and retired in June 2014. During his time, he directed more than 80 shows, had one student earn the prestigious Gershwin Award in 2011, and also earned several Town of Babylon Youth Theatre Awards for his productions. He also co-authored the New York State Theatre Curriculum.

Theatre teacher and director Lisa Drance, the Scheid family, PASA, the Board of Education and the alumni all collaborated to honor Mr. Signorelli. The dedication ceremony served to bring the community together to celebrate a most-deserving member of the theatre department’s rich history.