Parliament Place Visits the Vault

Second-graders at Parliament visited the Nassau County of Museum of Fine Art for a viewing of the “Out of the Vault” exhibit.

As part of the visit, students visited four separate rooms in the museum, each of which featured a different artist or style of art, such as pop art, abstract expressionism, landscape paintings and animal drawings by John James Audobon. Long Island University CW Post graduate students in art education and fine arts, led by professor Dr. Donna Tuman, designed age-appropriate activities for the Parliament students’ visits to each room.

Activities included language arts, which students used to describe feelings evoked by looking at a colorful abstract painting and naming geometric shapes used to create a sculpture. In another activity, students were tasked with making animal sounds and movements to mimic the animals in paintings, in addition to guided drawing exercises about students’ interpretations of the art on display.

The visit gave students the opportunity to study various types of art, and to develop accompanying skills based on their interpretations.